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NED President John Orlando, Founder Mary Sansone and Mayor Bill di Blasio
Founder Mary Sansone with President Barak Obama

Founder Mary Sansone with President Barak Obama

 The New Era Democrats (NED) is an independent political organization believing, quite simply, that thosemost fit to the task of governing - political party affiliation not withstanding - should be those elected to do so. We are committed to the idea that the voters vote for a candidate and not for a party. We have endorsed, and continue to endorse, office-seekers of all political stripes. Though it may seem like a misnomer, we are called "Democrats" not because of who we are or who we support, because that we believe that in a democratic republic such as ours novirtue of birth or wealth of social standing is necessary for political aspirants except that virtue mattering most - that of individual worth.


June 12th
Mary Sansone Birthday Celebration




Mayor Bill de Blasio